New animation video for "SunBeam"

Happy Solstice everybody!

We're very happy to celebrate the longest day of the year by bringing you the animation video of our single "SunBeam", a song dedicated to the sun. What better day to give our appreciation and thanks to the universe and the sun than today!

A huge thank you to the creator of the animation video Anthony Sands who spent days and nights perfecting this absolutely beautiful video, thanks for everything Anthony, you are magical, beautiful and extremely talented human being!



Story and Animation - Anthony Sands
Composition - Cote Calmet and CEO experiment
Leopoldo Osio - Rhodes, Synths, Piano
Peter Erdei - Bass
Cote Calmet - Drums

Recorded at Michael Buckley's Studios - House of Horns
Mixed by Peter Erdei and CEO experiment
Mastered by Aidan Foley in Master Labs